Surprising Reasons You're Breaking Out !

Surprising Reasons You're Breaking Out !

Surprising Reasons You're Breaking Out

Don't worry. No matter how bad it feels to have a pimple on your face, there's almost always an explanation for why it's happening. And we're here to help figure out what's causing your breakouts so you can stop them before they start!

Wearing Hats/Masks

You've probably heard that wearing hats can cause breakouts, but you might not know why. When your hair follicles are blocked from the air they need to stay healthy and clear of bacteria (which causes acne), they get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This makes them more likely to become inflamed and infected by bacteria, leading to a blemish. The same goes for your face: if it's covered up all day every day, its natural ability to breathe is affected—and that leads directly back into acne territory.

Eating too many spicy foods.

 If you're prone to breakouts, then consuming more than the occasional spicy meal can cause inflammation and thus, more blemishes. However, it's important to note that not all inflammation is caused by spicy foods; other things like excessive stress or exercising too much could also lead to higher levels of redness on your skin.

Not cleaning your sheets often enough

Cleaning your sheets is boring. But just like you wash your face at night and get rid of dirt and oil, you also need to do so with your bedding. Your pillowcases and sheets can harbor bacteria that cause breakouts, as well as skin dryness, redness and inflammation—which lead to more breakouts by clogging pores!

Touching your face too much

When you touch your face, it’s common to notice that a few pimples appear or grow worse. Why is this?

There are several reasons why touching your face can cause breakouts:

  • Because of the bacteria on our fingers, we transfer them onto our faces when we touch them. The bacteria then causes inflammation and acne.

  • It can also irritate the skin if it's dry or sensitive and cause more damage than good.

Being stressed out

Stress is a huge factor in acne. When you're stressed out, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones can make your skin worse by increasing oil production, encouraging bacteria that cause acne to flourish, and making the skin more sensitive. Since stress can also cause you to want to pick at your skin or wash it more often, this leads to irritation and even more breakouts!

 Reasons you might be breaking out that have nothing to do with acne products or skincare

  • The first step to figuring out why your skin is breaking out is to figure out what's not causing it. This can be tough, since the reasons for acne are many and varied—and there are some that you might not even think about! If a breakout has been going on for a while, you might have spent hours trying different products in hopes of finding one that works. But before you go through another round of testing new products, consider the following:

  • Perhaps it's time to change up your diet? If so, try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats like fish and chicken.

  • Maybe your workouts are sending too much oil production into overdrive? You should probably ease up on those cardio sessions or take a few days off from exercise altogether (it's okay!).

  • Maybe stress is making things worse? Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep and having fun with friends .

While these are some of the more common reasons you might be breaking out, there are other factors as well. It’s important to remember that no matter what, keep using your favorite products and take good care of your skin!

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