Halal Skincare & What it Means to Us!

Halal Skincare & What it Means to Us!

What Halal Skincare Means To Us 

When you hear about halal skincare, you might wonder, "Wait, skincare can be halal too?" We understand the curiosity, as halal is often associated with food in the minds of many. Lets talk about what halal skincare means to us. 

What is Halal Skincare?

Halal skincare refers to products that adhere to the principles of Islamic Law, ensuring that their ingredients and production processes are considered permissible and acceptable for Muslims to use. Just like certain foods can be halal, skincare products can also be certified halal, making them suitable for Muslim consumers who wish to align their beauty routine with their faith.

Haram vs. Halal

In the world of halal skincare, some ingredients take center stage in this delightful dance of choices. For instance, certain types of alcohol, collagen derived from non-halal sources, and animal by-products are considered haram (forbidden) for Muslims. While consuming alcohol orally is widely known to be against Islamic Law, many are surprised to learn that alcohol can also be present in skincare products. Fear not, for there are halal alternatives, which are perfectly permissible for Muslims to use and apply in accordance with Islamic guidelines.

Flora & Noor: Where Beauty Meets Faith

At Flora & Noor, we proudly stand as the first halal certified skincare brand at Ulta Beauty, raising the standard for Muslim consumers worldwide. As a Muslim woman, Islamic Law holds a special place in my heart, shaping my daily life with its profound values. Embracing halal skincare has brought me closer to my faith, and I find immense joy in not only working with halal products but also in promoting their use among Muslim men and women worldwide.

Spreading the Light of Deen (Faith)

Bringing people closer to their deen is a cherished priority for me. With halal skincare in the picture, this journey becomes even more delightful. It's a motivation that I hope to share with all of you as well. Embracing halal beauty products not only enhances our outer beauty but also nurtures our inner spirituality, creating a harmonious connection between body and soul.

Skincare can indeed be halal, and Flora & Noor is proud to lead the way in promoting this beautiful fusion of beauty and faith. Let's cherish the joy that halal skincare brings to our lives, knowing that each product we use is a reflection of our values and a step closer to our deen. Let's embark on this journey together, embracing halal skincare with hearts full of gratitude and love!
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