Managing Clogged Pores

Managing Clogged Pores

Clogged pores can be the villain of our skincare routine. Clogged pores are commonly caused by an accumulation of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Clogged pores are one of the main reasons for acne especially for people with oily skin. Clogged pores can often be mistaken for blackheads as the enlarged and darker shade can appear as black dots on the surface of the skin. With a gentle skin care regimen in place, clogged pores can be cleared and further prevented.

Luckily clogged pores are not permanent. There are many different ways to help manage clogged pores. You can start by using products that are non-comedogenic or oil-free. Non-comedogenic products are products that are not going to clog your pores. If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, this is probably not the first time you are hearing about non-comedogenic skincare. Because clogged pores are simply a buildup of oil and dirt on the skin, it is important to wash your skin regularly. Using a non-comedogenic or oil-free cleanser, twice a day will help clear your skin. You can also use a deep cleaning cleaner that is gentle to the skin such as the Boost & Brighten Cleanser. This is a cleanser that provides a deep and effective cleanse, helps clear and reduce pores, breakouts, and skin blemishes while removing dirt and excess oil.


You also want to use products that have Gotu Kola or salicylic acid. These ingredients are key to helping clear clogged pores as they help clear the skin of excess dirt and oil by dissolving excess oil and the dead skin cells that are clogging the pores. It is also important to keep in mind your skin type: dry, oily, or normal. Knowing your skin type will also aid you with more specific ingredients to help clear clogged pores for your skin type.

Exfoliating your skin or using an occasional chemical peel also helps clear and further prevent clogged pores. Using gentle exfoliators like the Earth & Ocean Acne Fighting Mask, will not irritate the skin, especially with any acne you may have. The Flora and Noor mask provides regular gentle exfoliation while unclogging pores, gently sloughing away dead skin, and absorbing excess oil. Even though clogged pores can be caused by oil, it is still important to moisturize. Ideally, you want to use a moisturizer that is oil-free. Moisturizing ensures that your skin doesn’t dry out which can lead to an array of other skin concerns. 

Once you’ve managed to clear your clogged pores, it’s time to implement ways to prevent them. As mentioned, you really want to cater your skin care routine to your specific skin type along with any other skin concerns you may have. Having a set routine will help keep your skin balanced. Outside of having a good skincare routine you can help keep clogged pores at bay by implementing simple routines. Not touching your face when your hands are not clean is a major step. You touch so many things throughout the day and do not want to get that bacteria into your skin. You should also avoid picking or popping any pimples you may have as this can further spread the bacteria causing more acne and may leave possible scarring. Also, squeezing your pores can only make them larger overtime, so it's really in your best interest to avoid touching your skin for any unnecessary reasons.

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