Adding Aloe Vera to Your Skin Regimen

Adding Aloe Vera to Your Skin Regimen

There are a lot of plants that provide your skin with different nutrients and treat different conditions. The Aloe Vera plant has been around for so long but most people do not reap in all of the benefits it has to offer. Aloe can do much more than treat your sunburns. And after reading this you might find yourself clearing all the aloe off the shelves!

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Extremely Moisturizing

The gel found inside of the aloe vera plant is made up of over 96% water. This screams why aloe is so moisturizing for the skin let alone a natural moisturizer. For those who experience dry skin, aloe vera should honestly be a must have in your skincare routine. Aloe Vera is found in plenty of moisturizers and cleansers for the face & body such as the Rose Renewal Cleanser and the Hydration Station Aloe + Green Tea Cleanser. These cleansers use aloe barbadensis leaf juice to condition the skin, as juice from aloe leaves is used as an emollient for the skin as a way to retain moisture.

Soothes Irritation

The aloe vera plant is most popular for soothing sunburns. It is mainly used as sunburn treatment because of the cooling qualities found in aloe gel. Besides treating sunburns, aloe is very good at providing a soothing relief for dry and flaky skin and those who have sensitive skin who experience irritation. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that go hand in hand with the moisturizing aspects it already offers. The Earth & Ocean Acne Fighting Mask uses aloe as it contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and is highly anti-inflammatory. The aloe also works as a great combination with Spirulina as both are anti-inflammatory and contain a variety of nutrients. With the warm weather coming around it might come in handy to keep some aloe vera gel on standby for those unexpected rashes and itchiness. 

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Clear Skin

Most people assume that aloe vera is mainly something used to treat the body but not typically the face unless it is sunburn. However that is not the case. A lot of skincare products include aloe in it whether it is the main ingredient or not. We know aloe has anti-inflammatory properties but it also has antibacterial properties. This duo makes for the perfect combination to prevent bacteria build-up causing acne. If you’re trying aloe vera and your skin has cleared of pimples but you still suffer from scars, it still helps get rid of those longtime unwanted blemishes. Products such as the Bright Side Serum uses organic aloe to help even skin tone. The serum also has ingredients like vitamin E which works well with aloe. Aloe itself has Vitamin E in it, which helps clear pores and improve the appearance of scars.

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Provides Eye Care

The eye area can be very sensitive and dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes isn't always the easiest thing to tackle. Aloe is filled with Vitamin E that helps lighten discoloration around the eyes. As mentioned earlier, aloe has cooling qualities so that will aid in the eye puffiness. The fatty acids and enzymes in aloe vera are able to reduce inflammation when applied directly to the skin. Aloe has so many qualities that it’s able to solve a lot of skin issues at the same time.


Aloe is definitely something that should always be stocked with your skincare products. Whether it’s an ingredient in a mask or lotion or if it is the actual aloe vera plant itself. Your skin can benefit in so many ways at multiple times from using aloe regularly. 

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